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“Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.”

- Author Unknown

Clean & Lean Detox

The Clean & Lean 14-Day Detox

What makes this program unique is that it is an amalgam of other detox programs that have been offered for years, it yields great results, and it is very easy to follow.

So why detox?

Well, the fact is we are primal beings living in an industrialized society. We are surrounded and inundated by toxins every day. We inhale them in the air we breathe. We absorb them in the water we bath in and the deodorants, skin and hair products we use on our bodies. We ingest them in the foods we eat. And we even create them ourselves as the chemical byproducts of the stress we endure (and create) on a regular basis.

So as you can see, with all the ways there are to accumulate toxins, even the most conscious and healthiest of lifestyles will not completely protect us. The cumulative impact of these toxins we expose ourselves to over the course of months and years takes a toll on our bodies. It affects on our energy, our immunity, our metabolism, and ultimately the quality of our lives. It literally affects every cell in our bodies.

The Liver

The primary organ affected by toxic buildup is the liver. This vital organ has a number of responsibilities. It plays a major role in metabolism, including the synthesis of proteins (e.g., gluconeogenesis), carbohydrates (e.g., glycogenolysis), and fats (via bile production). It is responsible for the production of cholesterol and other hormones, such as insulin-like growth factor (IGH-1). But perhaps the most important role of the liver is the neutralization and elimination of toxins. So when the liver is not doing its job, many aspects of our health can suffer.

Conversely, a healthy liver can leave one feeling energized, sharper, lighter and leaner. And a well designed detox is a great way to kickstart this process. Detox is recommended for everyone at least twice a year. It is an effective way to give your body a fresh start—a reboot, if you will.

How Long?

The typical detox is either a 10-day or 21-day detox program. The 10-day version is for people who live very busy lives and just wouldn’t do a detox otherwise. It typically entails an elimination diet and generally eating lighter meals and drinking more fluids. The 21-day version is for people who want a more thorough “cleaning out” and are willing to take the time and expense to make fresh vegetable juices daily and take a number of nutritional supplements several times a day.

Michael Sallustio developed the Clean & Lean 14-Day Detox for those who want to experience the benefits of a more thorough 3-week detox without the expense of taking a handful of supplements with every meal or the hassle of spending hours preparing meals and making juices every day. Upon completing this detox, participants should experience increased energy, reduced inflammation in their joints and muscles, and loss of body fat.

This detox will include menus, shopping lists, recipes, one-on-one support (via e-mail), two nutritional supplements (shakes and juices), and group support (via this webpage and Facebook).

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