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Transformation 360 with Michael Sallustio

on December 3, 2013 by Michael Sallustio

Transformation-360-300x174We are introducing a new program called Transformations 360 that is designed to address underlying health issues that can prevent people from losing weight, feeling great, and being optimally healthy!

Here is how it works. We would first establish your WICO Score, which like FICO for credit, determines your wellness status by evaluating 15 functional health conditions based on your symptoms. You then would go on a whole foods diet for a trial period of 7 days—and in that time lose up to 7 pounds—and learn how to establish correct food habits to be in control of your blood sugar and energy and maintain weight loss over time. After the trial period, you would meet with our nutritional consultant, Michael Sallustio, to review the number of severe, moderate and mild conditions you have across the 15 functional health conditions and to decide whether to continue on the program in order to correct them.

The cost of the introductory program is $275, but we are currently offering it at a discounted rate of only $99. You could even do the 1-week trial portion now and resume the program after the holidays. It would be the greatest gift of health you could give yourself!