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“The inner struggle is extremely difficult for all of us, because we all have faults, severe ones, that we will struggle with forever... It's wise to accept that faults are inevitable. Factor that in and keep going.”

- Alice Walker

Power Pilates Teacher Training

Continuing Education Conference at Evolutions: April 14-15

Power pilates continuing education conference

Earn your CE credits this Spring when Evolutions hosts the Power Pilates Continuing Education Conference. Join Senior Teacher Trainers Bonnie Grove and Marcia Hagemann and Teacher Trainers Alexis Dugdale Anmarie Touloumis for two days of classical pilates workshops.

Power Pilates Workshops include:

  • Arm Chair Basics
  • Assessing Progressions
  • Intermediate Mat Class Review
  • How to Teach a Client with Osteoporosis
  • The Link Between the Mat and the Wunda Chair
  • Spine Corrector Challenge


Our Mission

We work to empower and cultivate the human spirit one teacher, one client and one session at a time.  We believe that when taught by one of our thoughtfully trained and inspired teachers, Power Pilates can be one of the most powerful tools for structural maintenance and creating integrated physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Our Training

At Power Pilates it has always been, and will always be, about quality.  We are passionate about creating the finest classically trained, professional Pilates teachers in the industry.  They understand, respect and are capable of teaching the Pilates method with the original exercises, in the original order with the original intentions of Joseph Pilates.  We believe that our organization of the Pilates method reveals its power simply and garners the most profound results for our teachers and their clients.

Our People

We all share an unwavering conviction for the work of Joseph Pilates, while remaining open to the value in the wisdom of others.  We believe that as a team we are stronger than the individuals who serve our team.  We are resilient.  We work with tenacity.  We are confident and compassionate.  We lead and follow with integrity.  We are a resource to all.