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Take Your Own Advice

on September 9, 2013 by admin

Did you ever notice how hard it is (usually) to take your own advice?  It’s Monday at 12:30 and when I woke up I felt fine.  Around 9:30 I started getting a headache.  By 10 it was really bad and my stomach started doing flip flops so I took some Advil and waited but as I’m typing this I still feel pretty bad.

If one of my clients called me to tell me this I would say “Stay home and take care of yourself and don’t worry about all the other ‘stuff’ you have to do because it will still be there.  But your body is telling you something so take it easy.”  Yet I’m having a hard time taking my own advice knowing I have to rely on my coworkers to cover my classes and my clients to rearrange their schedules.  Also I ask “Am I sick enough?  Do I feel rotten enough to justify staying home to take care of myself?”

I also do this in workouts.  If I’m sore or an injury is nagging me my inner ego, non-logical self says “Well is it bad enough to stop what you’re doing?  Are you really that tired or that sore?  So what if you only slept 3 hours you don’t deserve to stop because if you do the whole world is going to stop spinning on it’s axis, right?  RIGHT?”

WRONG.  So very, very wrong.  I would tell a client to rest or stop doing a particular movement, yet I have such a hard time being my own best coach and advocate. Listening to our bodies whether we are sick, injured, overtrained, just plain tired, shouldn’t have to be justified.  We intuitively know what’s best for us and if we listen then later on we can continue to do the workouts, go to the meetings, get the big projects done, be there for our coworkers when they need us.

It’s really very simple.  Instead of questioning our own intuitive self we need to slow down.  And listen.  And trust what your inner-advocate, your rational self tells you and know that all the things will get done.  As for me I took my own advice today and am going to lie down and rest while sipping on some peppermint tea to hopefully soothe my stomach.  And hopefully tomorrow I will feel amazing and be able to conquer the world.  Because you know I’m gonna!

See you in class and the studio!

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