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IFPA Pro Pamela Adams

on September 3, 2013 by admin

This article was orginally published in The Natural Muscle Network’s September 2013 email newsletter.

What made you get started in physique contest?

I saw my first physique contest in 2003. I was so inspired after watching the Figure competitors look so poised and absolutely gorgeous, I knew that evening I wanted to compete. Soon after, I made a career change to earn my personal training certification and trained 21-weeks for my first Figure competition in 2004. I won 2nd place in my first show and have been hooked ever since.

Who are your role models?

My amazing husband, Ron Adams, is my role model, mentor and coach. He saw the passion in me when I couldn’t see it myself. He saw my talent and honed it to a point where I am now sharing my story with you. Everyone needs such an inspirational mentor, and I am lucky to have found mine who happens to be the love of my life.

What are your short/long term goals in this sport?

My short-term goal is to get ready for the upcoming 2013 Yorton Cup Pro World Championships. I am so excited because I’ve always wanted to compete as a Pro in a flagship competition. My long-term goals are to continue improving on my physique to compete in future shows, but also using my experience as a competitor and personal trainer to inspire others about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

What is your favorite diet food?

Hands down…baked sweet potatoes. I will some times cut them up to make baked sweet potato fries with a hint of cinnamon to feel like it’s a “cheat”. Delicious!

After a contest what is your favorite post show meal?

Right after the finals, I will either have cinnamon brown rice cakes with sunflower seed butter and raspberry preserves or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toasted rye bread with a glass of cold rice milk.

If you had one, what would be your favorite shoulder, back, chest, and leg exercise?

  • Shoulders: dumbbell Arnold press
  • Back: pull ups
  • Chest: cable chest fly
  • Legs: kettlebell front squats

What are you most proud of when it comes to your achievements?

My perseverance. I’ve competed in several Figure competitions, but in 2011 when I decided to compete in my first Bikini competition, I “earned” my IFPA Bikini Pro card. I emphasize, “earned” because in 2009 I was on strict bed rest during the last 5 months of my pregnancy so I would not lose my baby. You can image my emotional rollercoaster experience. To win the OCB Bikini Open Class a year after my son was born, and being 40 years young, it was truly a poignant moment for me.

-List some of your career achievements-

  • 2013 IFPA Pro Bowl – 2nd Place Pro Bikini; Winner for Best Individual Walk Presentation
  • 2013 Health & Fitness People “Inspiring Others” – Annapolis Lifestyle Magazine
  • 2011 Earned IFPA Pro Bikini Card at OCB Charm City Natural Bodybuilding Championships – Bikini Open Champion
  • 2011 OCB Charm City Natural Bodybuilding Championships – 1st Place Bikini Open; 2nd Place Bikini Masters (35+)
  • 2005 NPC Junior Nationals – 16th Place Figure
  • 2005 NGA Potomac Cup Natural Bodybuilding Championships – 2nd Place Figure Open
  • 2004 NPC Maryland State Bodybuilding Championships – 2nd Place Figure Open
  • 2004 NGA Annapolis Bodybuilding Championships – 2nd Place Figure Open