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Getting the most out of your membership

on May 23, 2016 by Kelly Bojan

Evolutions offers 99 classes per week, has brand new state of the art cardio equipment and last summer we purchased brand new strength training equipment. When you come into the gym, do you always take the same class or do the same routine every time? If so, you are missing out not only on some fun variety in your routine but also the health benefits that go along with systematically changing up or ‘periodizing’ your training.  Periodized training helps you achieve your goals faster and enhances your overall health and wellness by continually changing the exercise stimulus.  It allows you to work on weak areas , strong areas and explore new areas of health and wellness.

Here’s an example of how a periodized program would work for two to three weeks. On Monday mornings do Kettle Bell, on Wednesdays do a circuit on the strength training equipment followed by  30 plus minute on the treadmill at an incline.  On Fridays do Yoga.  Then after the period of time is over maybe your next two to three weeks will look like this: Monday morning Barre, Wednesday morning Cycle, Friday morning TRX.  Then you could go back to your original periodized program or create another one.

Training in this way has quite a few advantages.  It keeps your body guessing.  We get good at things the more we do them.  You may be awesome at TRX but really struggle with flexibility so might want to throw Yoga into the mix.  Periodizing training gets you out of your comfort zone. We gravitate to the things that we are good at and the things we know.  Changing up your workout routine is a great way to help you find areas you may need improvement on and tackling those head on.  Your body will continue to respond, in a positive way,  to the different stimuli by utilizing more body fat, developing more lean muscle, working your brain in different ways and coming into a more balanced state.

With all of the options available to you at Evolutions it is to your best benefit to utilize as many of them as possible to get the most return on your investment both financially and from a health and wellness standpoint.  Take a look at the class schedule and the equipment available to you and see what you can do that you haven’t done or tend to gravitate away from and give it a two to three week commitment.  Then switch it up again.  You will probably be pleasantly surprised by how this type of training makes you look and feel and you might discover a few new favorite things to do along the way.

See you in class and in the studio!