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“Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.”

- Author Unknown

Group Fitness Classes

The following classes are all held in our Large Unlimited Classroom. For more info on our Barre, Vbarre, Cycle, TRX, and Yoga class offerings, please check those individual tabs. The Pilates tab includes more info on small group pilates equipment options.

Cardio Sculpt

Kick off your day with a heart pounding, muscle sculpting combination using various tools including the ball, kettle bells, dumbbells and body weight.


Maximize your time and energy with this creative PhysioBall & BOSU workout focused on finding CORE strength and balance. Progressive resistance, postural stability, and motor coordination are challenged with emphasis on proper form and technique to ensure optimal strength and conditioning.

Kettle Bell Training

For hundreds of years, kettle bell use has focused on muscle integration rather than isolation. Your body is trained as a whole and particular emphasis is focused on the core and back muscles. Recommended for individuals with healthy backs and shoulders. Foundations class is strongly recommended for beginners.

Resist-A-Ball Cardio Strength

Experience the fun of taking the Resist-A-Ball® to new dimensions that combine aerobic moves and strength exercises in intervals, resulting in a great workout. The rhythmic cardio movements will elevate the heart rate with challenging strength work that emphasizes core training.

Stretch & Balance  

Practice your balance and relax by stretching head to toe. A special emphasis is given to the lower back. All levels welcome.

Tabata Interval Express

Get a complete workout in under 30 minutes with Tabata Training! The work period is double the rest period. One full Tabata cycle is performed 4 minutes at a time.  This efficient, challenging training offers more health benefits than traditional cardio exercise; can fit in almost any fitness program and can be scaled to suit individual fitness levels.

Total Fitness

Anything goes with this challenging total body workout! Each trainer has their own take on how to strengthen, tone, and energize the body. Upper and lower body and abs included.



Beginner Mat Focus and Intermediate Mat Focus

Experience and learn the beginner Pilates mat exercises in a more intimate setting with more one on one instruction.  Beginner Mat Focus will take into account your specific needs so you can gain confidence needed to segue into regular beginner and intermediate mat classes.  We recommend attending Beginner Mat Focus between 7 and 10 times.  Intermediate Mat Focus offers an opportunity to learn the intermediate exercises in a more intimate setting with one on one instruction. These small group sessions are held in the Pilates Studio. Limited to 7 participants.  Online sign up required.  Our 24 hour cancellation policy applies.  We do charge a $15 no show/late fee.

Beginner Pilates Mat   A great place to start Pilates!

Perfect for creating stability in the hips and spine, and building core muscles and flexibility. Please attend at least 10 Beginner Mat classes before progressing to the Intermediate Mat level.  This class is approximately 45-55 minutes.

Intermediate Pilates Mat

This group class is designed for the intermediate to advanced Pilates student. You will continue to build stability and strength, and will stretch while increasing stamina by focusing on the flow of each exercise and their transitions.  This class is approximately 45-55 minutes

Intermediate/Advanced Pilates Mat

Appropriate for consistent and seasoned Pilates Mat students. You must be a strong intermediate student. Flowing Intermediate Pilates MAt mixed with advanced exercises to give you the opportunity to grow and challenge your Pilates workout.

Pilates Total Fitness

Begin with basic Pilates Mat work to build a strong foundation in the hips and spine. After mat work, the intensity increases with a combination of resistance training and stretching. You will use small hand weights and your own body weight for a fun, yet challenging total body workout. 55 minutes

Pilates Express

Control with flow. No excuses mat class. Pop in for a 30 minute strong, flowing, open level mat class and leave feeling centered, longer and connected to your core.



  • Illuminating Yoga with the Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita

    with Yoganand Michael Carroll

    Fri - Sun
    Sept 21 - 23


  • Newbie Yoga

    with Jessie Rhines

    Sat. May 12
    11:30am - 1:30pm