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“Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.”

- Author Unknown


Evolutions is proud to be one of the first health clubs in the United states to offer indoor cycling classes on the exclusive CycleOps Pro300PT high-performance indoor cycle with integrated PowerTap technology and a “true road fit and feel.” The CycleOps PowerTap training system is used by all levels of cycling enthusiasts including two American Presidents, several Hollywood stars, and numerous sports professionals – and Evolutions is the only facility in the Annapolis area where you can train with it!

The CycleOps Pro300PT is unlike the typical indoor cycling bikes you will find in gyms all around Annapolis. Using strain gauge technology, accurate power measurements allow you to train more effectively and use your time more efficiently. The Joule Computer reports immediate and accurate feedback to determine individual targets and track fitness gains. It also simulates the feel of road cycling more accurately than almost any other indoor cycle on the market, making it the best indoor training choice for serious cyclists, triathletes, anyone who wants to get in shape for biking or who wants to accurately track energy expenditure.

If you’ve never tried indoor cycling, you’re missing a fantastic workout that will have you burning up to 600 calories per hour. And because our cycles are fully adjustable, the benefits of indoor cycling can be enjoyed by almost anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.


Learn more about the CycleOps Pro300PT by watching the video below. Come check out the indoor cycling classes offered at Evolutions and see what you’ve been missing! More class info is available below the video link.


Our Monthly Ride Profiles offer riders specific rides focused on various aspects of fitness and riding that changes throughout the year.  Through a series of aerobic and anaerobic drills, Indoor Cycling provides the ultimate calorie burn while building cardiovascular strength and health. Each class has a specific objective and is led by a certified CycleOps instructor who will coach you through a great individualized training session including warm down and stretch.



  • Special Cycle Pop Up!

    with Jennifer Watson

    Tuesday Dec 26
    noon - 12:50pm


  • NEW! Zumba!

    with Leslie Davis

    12:00pm - 12:45pm