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Transformation 360 with Michael Sallustio

We are introducing a new program called Transformations 360 that is designed to address underlying health issues that can prevent people from losing weight, feeling great, and being optimally healthy! Here is how it works. We would first establish your WICO Score, which like FICO for credit, determines your wellness status by evaluating 15 functional […]

Assisted Yin Workshop with Tina Lanzoni

In this 3 hour workshop each person will both learn how to give and receive a 60 minute assisted yin practice. Yin yoga is a quiet practice that effects the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of our being. On a physical level it goes beneath the superficial muscles to target the joints and dense connective […]

Rowing Clinic with Todd Pekel

This 3 week workshop delivers a solid foundation for you to get the most return on your time on the rower. Week 1: Introduction to the 5×5. Learn the 5 parts of the rowing stroke, and the 5 rowing intensities. Discover the difference between tempo: a.k.a. strokes per minute (SPM), pace, and power. Recording your […]

Yoga Pranayama Workshop with Pam Blum

“Nearly every physical problem is accompanied by a disturbance of breath, the question is which came first?” Discover the power of your breath coupled with postures in the yogic breathing workshop to help you increase lung capacity, build energy, relieve stress, enhance perception and sensitivity, develop concentration, aid in digestion and improve circulation. $15

Power Pilates Continuing Education Conference

Join the world’s premiere educator of classical Pilates for a two-Day Conference at Evolutions in Annapolis, MD featuring workshops designed to enhance your teaching expertise and deepen your understanding of classical Pilates. Advanced Mat Workshop w/ Erin Horst November 9, 2013 Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm During this 8 hour intensive, you will learn the 14 Advanced level […]

Newbie Yoga Workshop

The 2 hour workshop will introduce you to the basics of vinyasa flow yoga, exploring alignment, breathing techniques and relaxation. This workshop is geared towards those who are new to vinyasa flow and want to feel comfortable going to the on-going classes. One week of unlimited yoga classes is included in the $30 registration fee. […]

Tween/Teen Yoga

Ages 10-15. This class will encourage self exploration of postures in a safe, non-competitive environment. By engaging in the practice of yoga, the student will gain a greater sense of body awareness, which increases coordination, strength, flexibility and attention to all which build self-esteem. 4 week session registration fee is $65. When: Sundays, November 3 […]

Relax, Renew and Revive

This is a meditative practice in which the main focus is to simply relax as deeply as possible by using a variety of props and holding postures for extended periods, encouraging the mind to be receptive to quietude. In our day to day experience in Western culture, we tend to spend the majority of the […]

TRX Clinic

Room: TRX Area The TRX Suspension Trainer is an effective and versatile exercise tool that works for ALL fitness levels, age groups and physical abilities. This 90 minute clinic will cover the benefits, components and set-up of the TRX, basic guide lines, intensity adjustment and a 20–25 minute workout. $15 Registration fee. Sign Up!

Clean & Lean 14-Day Detox

It’s that time again!  Summer is over and it’s time to clean up the mess you’ve made of your body.  This 2-week detox is structured, easy to follow, and it will not leave you feeling hungry and irritable. It is designed to reduce inflammation, increase mental and physical energy, and promote fat loss. We’ve been […]