The Pay It Forward Spring Fitness Challenge is designed to motivate and inspire you to reach your health and fitness goals

The Pay it Forward Spring Fitness Challenge

This four week team challenge is designed to motivate and inspire you to reach your health and fitness goals with the help of our eager and professional staff in our wonderful facility!

  • Limited to five teams, six participants each
  • Each participant assigned to a Team Leader – an Evolutions Staff Trainer
  • Points are awarded for participation in activities and services at Evolutions
  • Weekly random individual prizes awarded!
  • The Winning Team will donate their cash prize towards the charity of their choice

When: May 6 – May 31

Cost: Members $25 Guests $75

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If you and/or a friend would like to participate, please be sure to contact the Front Desk or register online as soon as possible to secure your place.

Official Rules

This program is to motivate and inspire you to reach your health and fitness goals with the help of our eager and professional staff and our wonderful facility.  Feel free to call us at any time. We’re happy to assist you in any way we can!  For success and fun, please adhere to the following rules during the Challenge!


When:  May 6 – May 31, 2013

Members – $25*

Non-members – $75**


* Platinum Plus membership or class card required to attend classes. MindBody membership required to attend Yoga, TRX or Barre classes.

**Non-member fee includes contest, and classes with the exception of Yoga, TRX and Barre.


  1. Each participant will be assigned to a Team Leader – an Evolutions Staff Trainer
  2. Prior to the official start date, each participant will meet with their Team Leader for a private Assessment/Goal-Setting session wherein they will receive a body composition analysis, including body weight, fat percentage, and circumference measurements (these are all elective) and choose their goals(s) for the 4-week program. Before and after photos may be taken and kept on file.
  3. Participants are awarded daily points for participation in activities and services at Evolutions, as follows:
    1. 5 points for each hour spent performing cardiovascular exercise, strength training, or participating in any group fitness classes at Evolutions.
    2. 10 points for attending or enrolling in a Lecture or Workshop or purchasing and receiving a Massage at Evolutions.
    3. 10 points for submitting to your Team Leader at the end of each week at least 4 days of a Nutritional Log/Journal. Limited to one submission per week.
  • Participants may not earn more than 15 points per day.
  • The activities for which points are earned fall into one of four areas of health-wellness:  1) Cardiovascular fitness; 2) Strength fitness; 3) Nutritional habits; and 4) Stress reduction/Life balance.
  1. Each participant must record his/her activity and points on the Activity Log and submit the Log to his/her Team Leader by Saturday of each week.
  2. The Team Leaders will tally the points at the end of each week and Evolutions will post the Team results and Individual Leader results in the lobby by the following Monday of each week.
  3. All participants will be entered into weekly random prize drawings, including massages and other Evolutions services.
  4. At the conclusion of the Challenge, each participant will meet privately with his/her Team Leader for a final Assessment.
  5. At the conclusion of the Challenge, the team with the most total points and individual with the most total points will be announced.
  6. The winning team will donate cash prize toward the team’s charity of choice.

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Evolutions is more than a health club. In addition to group fitness, cardio equipment and strength training, our clients come to Evolutions for Pilates, yoga, barre, massage, stretching and personal nutrition. With the most highly trained personal trainers in the Anne Arundel County area and state-of-the-art facility, we are proud to provide an integrative approach to wellness.


  1. Liz | April 24, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    Where is the sign up on the website located?

    • Liz | April 24, 2013 at 7:48 pm

      Nevermind, found it on the workshop page!

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