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“My heart is so full after completing Tina's Yin Yang Yoga teacher training. The experience was so much more than can be put into words. The program challenged me spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The learnings from the class are something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It becomes a part of you. Tina's guidance cannot be paralled. She is the epitome of yin and yang. She balances strength and stability with gentleness and vulnerability. She is outwardly confident and inwardly reflective. She is a remarkable leader, role model and woman." ”

- Rosemary Quast

Teacher Training

At Evolutions we believe in passing on our knowledge to others who have the same passion for learning as we do.  We offer teacher training programs in both yoga and pilates.

Evolutions is a Yoga Alliance approved Vinyasa and Yin training facility. Whether you are interested in teaching yoga, or simply want to deepen your practice, our comprehensive teacher training program will strengthen your understanding of both the Vinyasa and Yin styles of yoga.

Evolutions is also the Mid-Atlantic Regional Training Center for Power Pilates and one of the original affiliates helping to grow the program worldwide since 2002.  Why is this significant?  It means that Power Pilates instructors from all over the region come to Evolutions to get certified and engage in continuing education.



  • TRX Clinic

    with Pam Blum

    Saturday June 10
    10:30am - noon


  • Newbie Yoga

    with Pam Blum

    Sat June 3
    11:30am - 1:30pm