Rowing Clinic with Todd Pekel


This 3 week workshop delivers a solid foundation for you to get the most return on your time on the rower.

Week 1: Introduction to the 5×5. Learn the 5 parts of the rowing stroke, and the 5 rowing intensities. Discover the difference between tempo: a.k.a. strokes per minute (SPM), pace, and power. Recording your workout, with and without a LogCard.

Week 2: Explore different workout formats: intervals, power 10s, pyramids, and steady state. Demystifying the Monitor.

Week 3: Goal Setting and how to measure progress. Adding variety, on and off the rower to increase rowing endurance, fitness, and enjoyment.

$45 Workshop fee includes a special coupon to purchase a discounted Log card for only $5 (normally $6.50).



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Erin Horst

About Erin Horst

Erin has been in the health and fitness industry for 12 years. She is a Power Pilates Senior Teacher Trainer who educates and trains other Power Pilates Teachers as well as overseeing the operations of Evolutions. She received her B.S. in Psychology from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA. When teaching, she believes that her mindset is imperative, “Be completely present with your clients and give your all while you are with them.”

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