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Rides For Way More Than Your Body

“Sport can be thought of as a spiritual journey, one that combines physical and mental connections. This morning, find an emotional connection to exercise. An emotional connection to every living thing in this universe.” This is how our guest instructor, Teresa, began the African Storm ride last weekend. We rode not by numbers, wattage or cadence but simply ‘to ride’ while being encouraged to shift our attitudes about what is possible and loosen our tendency toward critical control and judgement to be more in the moment. After relaxing, settling in and centering, we were guided to tap into the Intuitive Teacher within, where there are unlimited amounts of potential and information, all while watching stunning, inspirational footage from around the globe.

We will continue to weave these types of theme rides into our monthly Ride Profiles to enhance your training experience along with specific training sessions and ride simulations that develop stamina, strength, speed, power and recovery to guage progress. Some rides are geared more to challenge your physical body, some to focus your mind and some are more of a celebration for your soul. You will find that we do, indeed, grow, blossom and unfold according to the principles of nature by participating in the process, cultivating patience, concentration and curiosity. Join us and Ride Responsibly. Check out the Cycleops Monthly Ride Profiles for next month’s video ride Living your Legend.

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Pam Blum

About Pam Blum

Pam Blum is somewhat of a "jack of all trades" in the fitness world. She is a highly accomplished instructor with specific credentials that include; Group Fitness Director, Certified Instructor of numerous formats and classes, Spinning Master Instructor, Resist-a-Ball Circle of Excellence Trainer and a registered Yoga Teacher. She has over 25 years experience in the industry and has a passion for guiding people through classes or sessions that provide opportunities to, "explore how truly magnificent our bodies really are; physically, mentally and spiritually." She very much enjoys her role as Group Fitness Director, sincerely jumping at the challenge of coordinating instructors, participants, preference, times and predicting trends to keep everyone fresh, happy and actively pursuing their personal fitness and professional goals.

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