Competition Prep Update: 5-Weeks Out

This competition prep has definitely been a challenge compared to past shows due to managing my time with many responsibilities, but I would not change a thing.


It has only made me stronger :-)

In addition, I want to thank my coach, mentor, and best friend for pushing me to be my very best…my amazing husband Ronnie Adams.

Well here’s my latest Video Blog: My Upper Body Workout from my 4-Day Workout Split.

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Pam Adams

About Pam Adams

Pam is an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor, AASDN Nutrition Specialist, IFPA Pro Athlete and received her B.B.A in Marketing from Howard University. Since 2004, Pam develops customized training programs for her clients to educate them on the importance of strength training, cardiovascular endurance & proper nutrition. Pam believes it is important to not only teach, encourage & empower clients, but also to create individualized fitness programs. “My philosophy is based around the fact that my clients know themselves better than anyone. I am here to motivate clients by demonstrating the best possible ways to live their life to the fullest & fittest. Workouts are tailored to them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

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