Preparaton and organization can help prevent the temptation of unhealthy food choices or skipping meals.

A Snapshot of My Day

Getting in 5 meals/day can be a challenge with a busy schedule.  Preparation and organization can help prevent the temptation of unhealthy food choices or skipping meals. Here is a snapshot of a typical day to get in my meals/snacks during contest prep:

  • 4:30am SNACK#1
  • 5:00am Work
  • 7:00am Go home to have breakfast with family
  • 7:15am MEAL#1 Breakfast
  • 8:00am Drive to take son to school
  • 8:30am Return to work
  • 11:00am SNACK #2
  • Respond to emails and return calls to clients
  • 11:30am WORKOUT (strength and cardio)
  • 1:30pm MEAL #2
  • 2:00pm Go to school for college course
  • 4:30pm Pick up my son
  • 6:00pm MEAL #3 Dinner and quality time with my family :-)


  • Plan ahead your meals and snacks
  • Prepare your lunch the night before
  • Have healthy snacks with you at all times
  • Schedule time in your day to eat (i.e. set it up like an appointment as a reminder)
  • Be consistent with well-balanced healthy food choices (not convenient processed food or fast food)

Many of you are curious about what I usually eat during in-season training for a competition. As mentioned on Video Blog #1, many assume that we get lean by eating like birds or we are on a low or no carb diet :-)

Surprise…we actually eat plenty of healthy food consistently throughout the day to sustain our lean muscle mass and increase our metabolism. Your body is like a car and it needs fuel. The meals and snacks I have daily gives me the energy I need to get through my workouts, but to also feel amazing throughout the day.

Keep in mind, everyone is different. There is no magic pill or perfect “cookie cutter” plan for everyone to follow. It’s up to you to pay attention to your body and see how you digest/react to certain foods. For example, if you notice you feel bloated after a meal, make a note of it in a food journal to see if you need to substitute the food choice with something else. In addition, pay attention to portion control, water intake, energy levels, how often you are eating, etc. The more control you have over your nutrition, the closer you are to reaching your goal to a healthier lifestyle.

MY SAMPLE MEAL PLAN – Competition Diet**

4:00am 3 tbsp sunflower butter and 3 brown rice cakes

7:00am 3 egg omelet with fresh salsa and 6 oz oatmeal

10:00am 2 oz walnuts and 1 apple

1:00pm 4 oz chicken breast tenderloins, 6 oz roasted sweet potato and 8oz mixed veggies

4:00pm 2 oz almonds and 1 pear

7:00pm 4 oz halibut and 8 oz steamed broccoli

**Also my water intake daily is approximately 2.5 liters; Daily women multivitamin; Omega-3 capsules

Images: foodswings
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Pam Adams

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Pam is an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor, AASDN Nutrition Specialist, IFPA Pro Athlete and received her B.B.A in Marketing from Howard University. Since 2004, Pam develops customized training programs for her clients to educate them on the importance of strength training, cardiovascular endurance & proper nutrition. Pam believes it is important to not only teach, encourage & empower clients, but also to create individualized fitness programs. “My philosophy is based around the fact that my clients know themselves better than anyone. I am here to motivate clients by demonstrating the best possible ways to live their life to the fullest & fittest. Workouts are tailored to them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

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